About Us

Spanda - Home Service Massage is a mobile app for a marketplace that connects massage therapists and their clients. To easier understand, it’s an Uber/Grab for varieties of massage services.

Our aim is to innovate and improve the experience of having massage appointments with the use of mobile app technologies; these include better user identification, crowd reviews, stats, logistics and the use of online maps and GPS, duration guard, and easier accessibility. With this, our mission is to make people have access to personalized 5 star home service massage at the tap of your fingertips.



We have more than 40 massage therapists and plans to partner up with up to 100 of them before the year ends. Yes, they are our partners. We take care of our masseurs so that they can take care of you. Spanda provides free lodging, fiber internet, electricity, clean drinking water, and rice allowance to its massage therapists. Compared to the standards in the metro, Spanda have the highest standards in accepting massage therapist, provides better compensation, and assigns lesser work per masseur; all these to give higher quality massage services to all its clients.


Spanda has strategically located mini headquarters across the metro in the plans to reach every household within the metro for the ease of both therapists and their clients. Each mini-HQ have a team of massage therapists, car drivers, and motorcycle drivers; all centrally managed by our operators and dispatchers in our main office.

By 2020, Spanda will have provided it’s service to every corner of Metro Manila; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.