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Spanda is a Five Star Hotel Massage Service Mobile App. We work just like how grab works but instead of getting a ride, your going to expect a massage therapist on your way.

No more additional work of doing the added inventories of their oils, hot stones, foot sticks, and lotions that takes up additional manpower and space capacity of your hotel. No more issues with your massage therapist providing sexual services. Avoid the risk of massage injuries that may damage the good name of your business. Let us do the hard work for you for ABSOLUTELY FREE!

The truth! We are growing more and more each day and we’re sure that some of your guests may have booked with our therapists already cause we are giving them more value. Help us help you with this, we got different proposals ready so that we can be partnered with you!

1.) You don’t have massage therapists or spa? We can provide you in-room massage therapists for your clients from 1pm-3am!

2.) You have your own spa in your hotel? You may want us to do the hard work and let your manager manage the Hotel and not a Spa!

3.) You have a 3rd party partner already? Consider us; we are bringing more value to your clients, we’re more accessible, we’re a better brand, our therapists are client-reviewed and rated!

We’re excited to do business with you! Please shoot us an e-mail at